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The shark cage diving adventure to Gansbaai near Cape Town will put you face to face with a great white shark. You'll be diving with experts in the safety of the shark cage.

shark cage diving South Africa

Got a thing for these great white sea beauties, then shark cage diving is just the thing for you, assuming you weren’t hoping to bump into one of these stealth-mode dive buddies accidently someday while wading in shallow waters off the coast of False Bay. The cage dive option may be more favourable for longevity, don't you think?

And as they say, safety in numbers, so invite a few friends to experience this chilling but worth it shark cage diving day trip, and we're sure it'll be your best birthday or unbirthday celebration ever.

This tour leaves early from Cape Town by bus or private transportation, depending on the number of great white shark divers you plan to squeeze into your cage, and then it's a suspense building 2 hour drive to Dyer Island, the shark cage diving capital of South Africa.

After this escapade, some people say that these great white fishies, measuring up to 6m in length and weighing in at 2250kg, are curious and playful like boisterous puppies, which makes me wonder why we need the shark cage to view them up close and personal?! Why not find out for yourself and book today, it's surreal dude!

Need more information on this great white shark viewing? Contact Norman on 082 569 8299.

Shark Cage Diving cost is R2250 pp. Please note for 4+ people minimum for private transportation to be arranged.

Price includes a full day of fun, plus:

  • Shuttle
  • Breakfast
  • Diving equipment
  • Lunch

DVD is an optional extra.